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Volunteer outdoors in Arizona to build, repair, & maintain trails; restore wildlife habitat; and,
protect native flora and fauna with other volunteers of all ages and abilities who want to both enjoy and preserve nature.

Apr 20 - Apr 22
Invasive Species Monitoring and Control - Invasives Control in the Patagonias - Patagonia, AZ
Sky Island Alliance is partnering with the Coronado National Forest and Borderlands Restoration to restore a diverse riparian understory of native plants for wildlife and pollinators at Falls Spring in the Patagonia Mountains! This weekend we will work to remove invasive species and reclaim this site! For more info, or to register, please follow the web link.
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/invasives-control-in-the-patagonias-tickets-43765809715
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Apr 21
Native Species Restoration - Watering and Weeding in Bear Canyon-April 21 - Tucson, AZ
If you've been working in Bear Canyon with us recently, you know that we have been working hard to remove invasive grasses from the along the creek, and planting native plants that will benefit wildlife in our wake. Now we need to make sure our new additions to the canyon are able to get established! Come out and help us hold the space we've cleared of invasive fountain grass! For more info, or to register, please follow the web link!
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/watering-and-weeding-in-bear-canyon-april-21-tickets-44775664217
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Apr 21 - Apr 22
Montezuma Castle Conservation Work - Irrigation Canal Maintenance - Camp Verde & McGuireville
Yes, the ditch (sorry, pre-historic irrigation canal..) beckons! We will see on the day exactly which parts may need widening, or narrowing, and what weeds may need to be removed. There will be work for all skill/strength levels. It's an ever changing challenge, but a lot of fun to see the water running free and clear again on Sunday for the traditional regatta.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
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Enjoy Arizona in a whole new way with Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona. It is fun and good, arguably essential, for your health to volunteer outdoors. Hands-on work to restore and protect native habitat enhances the integrity of local ecosystems, which can contribute to everything from cleaner water to greater opportunities for people to experience the joy of nature.

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