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Volunteer outdoors in Arizona to build, repair, & maintain trails; restore wildlife habitat; and,
protect native flora and fauna with other volunteers of all ages and abilities who want to both enjoy and preserve nature.

Aug 26 - Aug 28
Native Species Restoration - Monsoon in Aravaipa Canyon - TNC Aravaipa Canyon Preserve
Come get wet and dirty with SIA in Aravaipa Canyon! Join us as we plant native grasses and remove an invasive plant called vinca (or periwinkle) from the understory of the creek banks. For more info, and to register, please visit the event webpage!
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/monsoon-in-aravaipa-canyon
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Sep 9 - Sep 11
Native Species Restoration - Planting at Camp Rucker Ponds - Rucker Canyon, Chiricahua Mnts
Join us for a weekend of camping in Rucker Canyon, on the west side of the Chiricahua Mountains, at just under 6,000 feet in elevation. We will be installing more native plants as we continue our work at the historic cavalry camp where we have created three ponds that will one day support Chiricahua leopard frogs, as well as the bats, toads, dragonflies, and various native pollinator species that are already calling these ponds home. For more info or to register, please visit the web link.
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/planting-at-camp-rucker-ponds
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Sep 19 - Sep 21
Highline Trail Rehabilitation - Power Clearing - FSR 144 #1 - North of Payson
Certified chain saw and brush saw operators will cut vegetation encroaching on trail maintenance sections and within new corridor. One or two volunteers will remove cut materials to facilitate saw operations. Come explore some rugged terrain and incredible vistas. Register for at least two days.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
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Enjoy Arizona in a whole new way with Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona. It is fun and good, arguably essential, for your health to volunteer outdoors. Hands-on work to restore and protect native habitat enhances the integrity of local ecosystems, which can contribute to everything from cleaner water to greater opportunities for people to experience the joy of nature.

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