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Volunteer outdoors in Arizona to build, repair, & maintain trails; restore wildlife habitat; and,
protect native flora and fauna with other volunteers of all ages and abilities who want to both enjoy and preserve nature.

Apr 18 - Apr 20
Riparian Area Monitoring - Patagonia Mountains Springs & Seeps Assessments - Nogales/Rio Rico/Tucson
Celebrate Earth Day weekend in the borderlands south of Patagonia for the second Springs Assessment trip of 2014! The Patagonia Mountains boast an amazing amount of biological diversity and continue to be under threat from multiple mining proposals. Join fellow volunteers and staff to study the ecology of the area through the lens of water in the desert, vital to all life. This information will be used to protect, manage and restore these critical water resources.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Apr 19 - Apr 20
Highline Trail Rehabilitation - Tonto Creek - Wall, Xing, Trail Finishing - East of Payson
Working out of the Fish Hatchery Trailhead, we are installing an improved ford point (equestrians) and hiker/biker crossing at the creek, completing a wall at the start of a major realign just beyond, and possibly some trail finishing on that realignment. We have a good chance of finishing on Saturday. If so, Sunday will be a nice day to hike some of our newly opened. Bandanas for all.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

Apr 23 - Apr 24
Invasive Species Monitoring and Control - Habitat Restoration at Bear Canyon - Tucson
Two dozen volunteers showed us that they care about our environment last month during the Spring Break @Bear Canyon Restoration Project. Where's Bear Canyon you might ask? This gorgeous drainage in the Catalina foothills of Tucson sits right next to the 56,430 acre Pusch Ridge Wilderness. We were able to clear out huge swaths of non-native Giant reed and Fountain grass but we still have some finishing touches to complete before we’re satisfied – ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?   VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance
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Enjoy Arizona in a whole new way with Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona. It is fun and good, arguably essential, for your health to volunteer outdoors. Hands-on work to restore and protect native habitat enhances the integrity of local ecosystems, which can contribute to everything from cleaner water to greater opportunities for people to experience the joy of nature.

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