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Volunteer outdoors in Arizona to build, repair, & maintain trails; restore wildlife habitat; and,
protect native flora and fauna with other volunteers of all ages and abilities who want to both enjoy and preserve nature.

Apr 8 - Apr 9
Montezuma Castle Conservation Work - Irrigation Canal Maintenance - Camp Verde & McGuireville
As Ranger Suzanne pointed out, the canal is not only a historic monument, but also an organic, living thing. Its needs vary! We may have to remove travertine to deepen or widen it in places, add rocks to narrow it in other places,and most likely remove the ever present Miner's Lettuce. We will have to establish the actual work required nearer the time, when we see the priorities.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

Apr 15
Invasive Species Monitoring and Control - Bear Canyon Fountain Grass Fight Club - Sabino Canyon, Tucson
FIRST RULE OF FOUNTAIN GRASS FIGHT CLUB: YOU HAVE TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT FOUNTAIN GRASS FIGHT CLUB!!! Join us for a new year driving fountain grass out of Bear Canyon. We are continuing our march through the canyon laying waste upon invasive grasses where ever we find them. Join us in this beautiful and popular canyon right in the foothills of the Santa Catalina's. To register, please follow the web link. ¡Personal bilingüe estará presente en este viaje!
Contact: Bernardo Murrieta   bernardo@skyislandalliance.org   6623807471
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/bear-canyon-fountain-grass-fight-club-7
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Apr 15 - Apr 16
Highline Trail Rehabilitation - Trail & Trailhead Grooming - North of Payson
Last fall, maintenance and realignment of the Highline NRT was completed west of Washington Park to Dude Creek. On Saturday we will groom the new tread and corridor for as far as we can, allowing for a hike out to Dude Creek and back on the new trail. Sunday we will stabilize the east bank of the East Verde River as the final step in closing out the old silt transporting tread.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
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Enjoy Arizona in a whole new way with Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona. It is fun and good, arguably essential, for your health to volunteer outdoors. Hands-on work to restore and protect native habitat enhances the integrity of local ecosystems, which can contribute to everything from cleaner water to greater opportunities for people to experience the joy of nature.

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