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Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (VOAz)

This web site is owned and operated by Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (VOAz), as are all other electronic and paper records containing personal information maintained by VOAz. Our intention is to provide information for those interested in outdoor volunteering and land stewardship and to provide a means for Arizonans to become  involved in our mission. We recognize that visitors to our site and others who provide us with personal information may be concerned about how we treat that information. Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona  is committed to honoring the privacy preferences of those who use our web site and those who provide personal information by other means.

To this end, VOAz supports the following principles.

Consumer Choice
We believe you are the one to best determine when—and under what conditions—to provide "personally identifiable information" (e.g. data that may be used to identify, contact, or locate a person); when such information may be shared with other organizations; and, when to remain anonymous.

Informed Consent
If personally identifiable information is collected, we believe you have the right to know when we are collecting personal information; what information is collected, and the purpose of collection. We further assume that VOAz users expect:

  • the opportunity to choose whether or not personal information will be provided to any third parties;
  • reasonable steps to be taken to protect personal information from unauthorized use; and
  • opportunities to review the accuracy of personal information and update it.

We recognize that providing us with personal information is an act of trust. Therefore, we have created this privacy policy to protect your personal information. This policy covers web site owned or operated by VOAz and extends to information collected by other electronic and paper methods. We encourage you to take the time to read this privacy policy and those of any web site you visit.

Personal Information Collected
In general, when you visit our web site and access information you remain anonymous. We do not require you to register or provide personal information to us to view our site. There are occasions when we will ask for additional information. We do this to better understand and respond to your needs, and provide you with services that may be valuable to you. For example, personally identifiable information will be collected in order for you to become a VOAz member or volunteer.

Use of Information
VOAz does not share email addresses and other address or phone information with other organizations or individuals without your express consent via email or other means. Participating in an event may result in your name being used in a VOAz mass mailing and your name and photo appearing on our web site or in print materials prepared by VOAz. An exception to this policy involves communications with individuals serving on committees, board members, crew leaders and other event staff regarding events, attending special VOAz meetings, or other information pertinent to VOAz business where there is need for such individuals usually know one another and have need to communicate with one another.

Security of Your Credit Card Information (should it be collected in the future)
We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. We will also protect your personal information in storage. For example, if you supply us with your credit card information to become a member or make a donation, all personal information will be encrypted using secure http. Currently we use the PayPal secure web site for web-based financial transactions.

Links to Third Party Sites
We provide links to third party sites. Since we do not control those web sites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on these third party sites.

What are "Cookies? "
Cookies" are small files sent from a web server to your computer through your browser program. There are two types of cookies: non-persistent and persistent cookies. A non-persistent cookie enables a web site to temporarily keep information on your computer as you travel from one page to another on our site. This cookie is automatically deleted from your machine when you close your browser. Because these cookies are necessary to provide some functions, failure to allow such cookies may make some of the functions on our Web site unavailable to you.
A persistent cookie is kept even when you close your browser. You can manually delete these cookies using commands specific to your browser and computer system. These cookies store information that would generally not change from session to session. They also contain information that would need to be reentered by you each time you visit the web site. For example, a common use of persistent cookies is to allow a registered site visitor to enter the site without having to specify their user-id and password.VOaz does not use persistent cookies.

How to unsubscribe from a VOAz Email
If at any time you wish to be removed temporarily or permanently from our email list(s), login to your account, go to My Profile and change "Calendar Updates by Email" to No. If you choose not to receive mass email communication from VOAz, we may still contact you via email regarding VOAz membership or a VOAz project or program that you are participating in. 

Other outdoor volunteer agencies who use OutdoorVolunteer.org to advertise their volunteer opportunities will have access to your personal information should you register for an event presented by that agency for communications regarding events. To block other communications from an agency you have registered with login to your account at outdoorvolunteer.org (or voaz.org), go to My Profile, and under "Other Communications" select "None" for that agency.

To close your record and be removed from all VOAZ mailing lists please login and select the option to "Close my Account" at the bottom of your profile.

Electronic mail, fax mail, voice mail, and surface mail sent to VOAz containing personal information
You may decide to send VOAz personally identifying information, for example, in a message containing information about membership or volunteer status. We will only use this information to identify you as a member or volunteer of VOAz and to determine how to respond to the mail. We will not use this information for any purpose other than to resolve the matter identified in the mail.

VOAz welcomes comments and questions on this policy. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information, and will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure. If you have any questions, please contact us at voaz"at"voaz.org or call 480.966.2689

You can help the VOAz maintain the accuracy of your information by changing your information under My Profile after you log on to your account. You may also contact us via mail, email or phone:

notifying us of any changes to your address, title, phone number or email address. To provide an update, contact VOAz by signing on to the email list through the web site; via email at voaz"at"voaz.org ; call 480/966.2689,  fax 480.894.4081, or write to:

Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
2140 E 5th St, #8
Tempe, AZ 85281

Email: voaz@voaz.org

Phone: 480.966.2689

The information you provide to us will also be covered by this policy.

Due to the rapidly evolving technologies on the Internet, we may occasionally update this policy. All revisions will be posted to this site. A revised Privacy Policy will apply only to data collected subsequent to its effective date.

Last Revised: July 12, 2008

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