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OutdoorVolunteer.org - Agency Terms of Use

OutdoorVolunteer.org is an on line, searchable database of volunteer and training events (hereafter "Volunteer Opportunities") offered by Arizona's land managers, nonprofit organizations, community groups and community organizations (hereafter "Organizational Users"). OutdoorVolunteer.org connects individuals and groups with volunteer stewardship opportunities. OutdoorVolunteer.org is a free and open to any person or Organizational User. It is intended to provide information, registration and management services for outdoor related Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (hereafter VOAz ) hosts and administers the OutdoorVolunteer.org web site and database management system. Designated VOAz staff (hereafter "Super Administrators") provide administrative management services for OutdoorVolunteer.org. Except for the purposes of analysis and system reporting, VOAz will not use any information collected on behalf of any Organizational User through the OutdoorVolunteer.org web site (VOAz is itself an Organizational User of OutdoorVolunteer.org).

Volunteer Opportunities that fall within the following definition of stewardship are included on OutdoorVolunter.org: Stewardship of Arizona's public and protected lands and natural resources is the responsible use and care of these natural resources.

Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Encouraging Arizona's citizens and visitors to develop an ethic about appropriate use of protected lands and natural resources.
  • Promoting conservation and sustainability.
  • Caring for the health of the land for future generations.
  • Providing educational opportunities.
  • Active care for and management of resources with the goal of improving or maintaining ecological health.

Criteria for Volunteer Opportunities appropriate to post on OutdoorVolunteer.org include, but are not limited to, opportunities that:

  • require the participation of volunteers.
  • relate to outdoor conservation and/or education.
  • involve public or protected lands.

Volunteer Opportunities not appropriate to post to OutdoorVolunteer.org include, but are not limited to:

  • Information that contains offensive material.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Special events like races, expositions or conventions.

Any Organizational Users may submit Volunteer Opportunities for approval and posting to OutdoorVolunteer.org. Organizational Users must provide all required (as designated by an asterisk on data entry pages) information, including current and valid contact information for all persons designated by the Organizational User as its administrator or staff. Organizational Users will identify at least one administrator who is responsible for the information provided by that Organizational User.

All Organizational Users and Volunteer Opportunities submitted for posting on OutdoorVolunteer.org will be subject to review by a Super Administrator for adherence to the criteria outlined above. The Super Administrator may elect, at his or her sole discretion, to decline any or all Organizational Users and Volunteer Opportunities submitted by an Organizational User. In the event an Organizational User or a Volunteer Opportunity is not accepted for posting, the Super Administrator will notify the Organizational User within a reasonable period of time.

Registration for a Volunteer Opportunity is with the Organizational User posting that Volunteer Opportunity, not with OutdoorVolunteer.org or VOAz. Communication regarding a specific Volunteer Opportunity for which a volunteer has registered shall occur between the Organizational User and the volunteer. In order to maintain good relations with individual volunteers and the volunteer community, it is critical that all Organizational Users maintain good and timely communication with their volunteers.

Information provided by individuals through registration for a Volunteer Opportunity is for the sole use of the Organizational User posting that opportunity and can not be accessed by any other Organizational User of OutdoorVolunteer.org. To maintain positive public relations for all Organizational Users of OutdoorVolunteer.org, Organizational Users will refrain from brokering or sharing individual registration information without permission from the registrant.

Information provided by an individual creating an account at OutdoorVolunteer.org will be used to communicate, via email, current information about Volunteer Opportunities available through OutdoorVolunteer.org, unless the individual opts-out of such communications. Once an individual with an OutdoorVolunteer.org account registers for an event posted by an Organizational User, that individual will be deemed a part of that Organizational User's volunteer database. Such individuals can be contacted by each Organizational User they become associated with through an event registration. Individuals may opt out of non-event related communications from such Organizational Users at their Profile page.

Tracking the value and accomplishments of Volunteer Opportunities is essential to supporting these activities into the future. Organizational Users are requested to complete Volunteer Opportunity reporting by providing attendance and accomplishment information. The Super Administrator may access all Volunteer Opportunity and volunteer data periodically, in the aggregate, for the sole purpose of analysis and system reporting.

Organizational Users agree to use this site for the above stated purposes and to refrain from participating in activities that might reflect negatively on the OutdoorVolunteer.org website or marketing campaign. VOAz reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any Organizational User, and the Volunteer Opportunities they have submitted to OutdoorVolunteer.org, from the OutdoorVolunteer.org database and website that is not using the site and/or information gained from the site, for the above stated purposes.

Organizational Users agree to provide a link to OutdoorVolunteer.org from a relevant and visible location within their own web site, if they have a web site, using the logo provided by VOAz. HTML coding, inluding a link to the logo resident on the VOAz web site will be sent to the Administrator once the agency is approved. This coding is also available on the Forms, Docs & Links page. The logo image size should not be altered.

Organizational Users that are fraudulent in and of themselves and/or post fraudulent or misleading Volunteer Opportunities will not be allowed to post subsequent Volunteer Opportunities to OutdoorVolunteer.org or maintain a presence on OutdoorVolunteer.org.

In the event any volunteer brings a claim against VOAz as a result of participation in the Organizational User's Volunteer Opportunity, then such Organizational User agrees to indemnify and hold VOAz harmless from any such claim, including VOAz's reasonable attorney fees and costs.

In an effort to improve the products, services and features provided, OutdoorVolunteer.org and VOAz will continue to implement new technologies from time to time. As a result, this policy is subject to change without prior notice. Revisions will be posted on this web site. Organizational Users are encouraged to review the Terms of Use and privacy policy periodically. When submitting an organization and/or submitting a Volunteer Opportunity to OutdoorVolunteer.org, you agree to the above Terms of Use and accept the Privacy Policy established for OutdoorVolunteer.org.

VOAz is not responsible for any unauthorized use of volunteer or Organizational User information made on the OutdoorVolunteer.org website by any Organizational User or individual volunteer.

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