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Admin Reports and Data

Administrators Reports and Data Harvesting Instructions
VOAz EIN: 03-0463531 (Federal tax exemption number)
IRS Final Letter of Determination PDF)
Arizona Registrar of Contractors #273518 Class AE Commercial Hiking Trails
The VOAz database can be mined for various statistics to help with reporting and planning work. The main tool for retrieving and manipulating the data is a CSV (comma separated values) table created using the link at the top of the volunteer search table after you have completed a search. There are two tools available at the top of the Volunteers page after you make filtering selections and click the search button.
CSV File creation program
This allows you to harvest the complete volunteer record.
  • First perform a search of the volunteers.
  • On the result screen you will see a new link in the top link menu that is after the Bulk Email link that says "Create CSV File". Click this link.
  • This takes the results of the search and places the raw data of the resulting volunteers into a newly created CSV file.
  • The newly created file is presented as a link that can be clicked to start a download of the file. Save the file locally on your machine.
  • Once the download is successful, click the delete file option to clean the file off of the web server.
  • You can now use the csv file for performing custom work on volunteer information.
Additional System Generated Reports
Event Participants and Number of Events for a Selected Calendar Period (ASPX)
Created to facilitate insurance premium calculations.
Annual Leader, Member and Project / Event Information (Create Annual Data Files)

Created to facilitate annual reports.

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