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VOAz Projects Map
VOAz Creating & Editing Entries on the VOAz Projects Map

The VOAz Projects Map shows active and selected other projects on an interactive map. It provides another way for visitors to the VOAz web site to review what we are doing. The links that are retrieved take you to Project Reports and photo albums. It is not a locator map for coming events. Thus, the map link is found at the Completed Events page and will be added to the menu. (We can add locator maps on the project report pages in the future to allow people to find their way to VOAz projects.)

How to create a new Project site on the map.

Click the link below, and complete the required fields. Start with the coordinates (last item-see detailed instructions below) Build the Summary from the information on the report page and keep the tense appropriate. What are we doing or what did we do? No need to mention VOAz much because that is obvious.

The instruction on the form instructs you to click on the map to have the coordinates automatically entered in the fields if you do not have the actual coordinate data at hand. Use the navigation tool in the upper left area of the map to zoom in to the actual location before you click on the map. This is what locates a symbol on the map. If you click on the map and the balloon appears, you will not be able to drag it to the proper location. If this happens, use your back arrow button until the balloon disappears and proceed as instructed before finally clicking the map to place the balloon. Before saving re-check all fields!

Click the "Save Location" button when done and the location will appear automatically on the display map.

Link to input for project locator map

Verify your entries at the actual Projects Map

Adding images

You can add small images to the Proj Desc area. Images about 150 pix wide are about right (code: (width="150" height="???"). It seems to work best to put them at the top.
Use full path: < followed by img src="http://www.voaz.org/HTML/images/mappics/humphrys_150w.jpg">
(Note: this sample does do show width and height specs. These are not required, but supposedly speed image loading.)

Editing Existing Map Entries

At the bottom of the Locator Map, below the green line, there is the following:

To view or edit the stored Project Locations, go to the VOAz Projects Spreadsheet
Click on the VOAz Projects Spreadsheet link and you will be taken to a Google spread sheet where you can delete or edit records. Double click on a cell to edit. Hit enter to save. If you have map coordinates for a project site, you can create new entries here.

(NOTES: As of Feb 2009 only MB has been authorized through his gmail account to edit the spread sheet. The google web album has viewing rights, but cannot edit. The current url for site created by Jim Cory (jcory17@charter.net): http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pgRkJFS0H9To01Q1tme_AAA.
Can migrate to another account. According to Jim: save the doc as an excel spreadsheet and then import it from local PC. The reference to the doc in the map scripts would need to change in that case and the web publishing of the doc would need to be activated.


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